Application Process

Become an Authorised Person to Engage in Business in Port City Colombo

For further information please go to: Doing Business in Port City Colombo


Apply Online

Submit the application and the relevant supporting documents for preliminary review.

  • Application form
    • Authorised Person Application Form (Schedule I)
    • The Applicant (if the Applicant wishes) may also register a business as an Offshore Company by submitting the Offshore Company Registration Form (Form I)
  • Supporting documents


Approval in Principle

We shall then issue (at our discretion) a letter of Approval in Principle to the Applicant.


Regulatory Authority Clearences

We, as the Single Window Investment Facilitator, shall obtain all relevant Regulatory Authority clearances as necessary.


Issuing the Licence

We shall issue the Authorised Person Licence authorising the Applicant to conduct business in and from the Area of Authority of the Colombo Port City, which will also be accompanied by the Investor Agreement and Certificate of Registration (if a company is registered as an Offshore Company).

  • This Licence will be valid for a period of 12 months. The Authorised Person shall renew the Licence by filling and submitting the Application for Renewal of Licence (Schedule V)
  • The Authorised Person must submit relevant annual returns as per Schedule IV

Changes or Alterations

Any changes or alterations made to the particulars set out in the Authorised Person Application Form must be notified to the Commission via Schedule III. Any changes made to the Offshore Company Registration Form I must be notified to the Commission via Form III

Surrendering the Licence

If the Authorised Person wishes to surrender their Licence, they can do so by notifying the Commission via Schedule VI. The Authorised Person must also submit Form V to the Commission if the Authorised Person intends to cease carrying on business as an offshore company in the Colombo Port City.

Development Approvals (for Primary Developer)