Starting a Business in Port City Colombo

Starting a Business in Port City Colombo

Setting up a business involves meticulous planning and collaboration with reliable partners. Entrusted and authorised by the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act No. 11 of 2021, the Colombo Port City Economic Commission serves as the Single Window Investment Facilitator, dedicated to assisting investors, businesses, and residents in achieving a streamlined and efficient experience within Port City Colombo.

Prospective investors will be apprised of the prerequisites for entering and operating within Port City Colombo, including the steps to establish a business, the associated benefits, and relevant laws and regulations. The Commission is committed to making certain that you are well-informed of all official procedures.

To engage in business activities within Port City Colombo, the first step is to obtain a licence.

Guide to Doing Business at Port City Colombo:

Application for a Licence to Become an Authorised Person

Those intending to conduct business within the Area of Authority of the Port City Colombo must obtain a license issued by the Commission under section 31 of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Act. This license qualifies the applicant as an Authorised Person, permitting them to engage in business in Port City Colombo.

To start your application please go to: Application Process

Investment Incentives for an Authorised Person Qualifying as a Business of Strategic Importance (BSI)

For further information please refer to Business of Strategic Importance (BSI) Regulations